RagnarTech TiltRotator Series: Designed to get the job done right. 

RagnarTech TiltRotator Series: Designed to get the job done right. 

Now Compatible with 4 Bobcat and 5 Kubota Excavator Models!      

Exciting news! RagnarTech’s TiltRotator Series – an innovative line of excavator attachments and accessories designed to make your machine more efficient, effective, and safe is now compatible with any Bobcat X-Change system, and Kubota excavator models KX040, KX057, U55, U48, and KX080, allowing operators to use their OEM attachments with our TiltRotator. 

Get attached to our TiltRotators.

RagnarTech’s TiltRotator attachments and accessories – digging buckets, grading buckets, and grading beams – elevate excavators to be profitable precision tools that save on time, labor, and worksite safety concerns on jobs big and small.   

Built with the highest quality standards, and with no electronic controls required, our TiltRotator Series boasts unmatched range and rotation, giving operators the unique ability to maneuver in tight spaces, navigate awkward angles, and complete sitework confidently and more efficiently, even in wet or submerged environments. 

Unlike traditional excavator attachments, TiltRotators allow operators to change the positions of different attachments to increase the versatility and precision of the excavator, while allowing the machine to be easily converted back to its original bucket and thumb configuration when required. 

A TiltRotator from RagnarTech means you’ll move the excavator less, and that will:

  • Increase productivity time in the cab,  
  • Reduce fuel consumption,  
  • Mean less wear-and-tear on the machine, and  
  • Provide more safety for operators on the ground during the job.  

The TiltRotator Series also acts as a “wrist” between the stick and the bucket, which eliminates the need for a worker with a shovel standing beside the machine to move misplaced material. Just another benefit that reduces crew costs and maximizes safety.  

The Best Excavator Attachments You Can Stock Or Buy

RagnarTech’s TiltRotator Series offers dealers and their end-users the most cost-effective, compact, strong, and functional excavator attachments on the market. We removed all the unnecessary bells and whistles found in some attachments and instead have focused our engineering and customer satisfaction on producing a high-quality, high-functioning, high-return line of attachments and accessories designed for more productivity, safety, and durability  

Every TiltRotator is built with two double-acting cylinders that provide high force tilting to 50 degrees in each direction. The bolt-in high torque rotation provides full, continuous 360-degree rotation, allowing the operator pinpoint accuracy while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding structures or landscape during sitework  

Unique to our attachments, the thumb stays attached to the original coupling so switching to the original bucket configuration (or another attachment) is quick and easy. Installation is simple, with just two hydraulic circuits, and no electric controls required a feature that makes our TiltRotators also suitable and reliable for wet and submerged work. The simplicity of installation allows end-users to install on their own in a matter of hours. 

The benefits for dealers who carry RagnarTech’s TiltRotators – and their customers who buy them – are unmatched. We are driven by innovative solutions that provide the best products on the market today 

Our TiltRotators are built with machine-specific quick couplings at the top and bottom that are made to fit Bobcat, Kubota and other excavators. Our TR04/06 BT model works with Bobcat X-Change E35, E42, E50 & E60, and our TR04, TR06, and TR08 models are compatible with Kubota KX040, KX057, U55, U48, and KX080. We stand behind all our products, and our reputation for customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry.  

RagnarTech’s TiltRotator Series means more productivity and profitability for your company. Make Your Excavators More Versatile, Safe, Precise & Efficient – get attached to RagnarTech. 

Contact us today to learn about stocking your dealership with our attachments.  

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