SplitMax Series


The SplitMax series are designed for excavators from 8-40 ton. Splits the largest logs and stumps with ease with built-in dual 5000psi hydraulic cylinders, while also allowing the unit to be attached in minutes to the machine via machine-specific coupler attachments. Bolt in replaceable tips and an optional wear liner if used to excavate stumps. Bolt-on machine mounting bracket to make the unit easily adaptable to any style of quick disconnect coupling and or machine. Backplate for grading and pushing material. Made from high tensile and abrasive resistant steel. It has large, hardened pins and bushings, and is line bored for a perfect fit. All high forces are internally contained, causing no stress on the machine.


Heavy duty integrated cylinders allows for maximum splitting of logs and stumps

Bolt-on quick disconnect attachment.
Backfill Blade for moving logs or filling holes.​

Bolt-in Splitting Knives with optional designs for various applications such as cross-cut knives.


SM 30

Weight (w/o options)1450 lbs
Jaw Opening30 in
Max Operating Pressure up to5000 psi

SM 48

Weight (w/o options)3,200 lbs
Jaw Opening48 in
Max Operating Pressure up to5000 psi

SplitMax Series

JAK-300 Rotator
JAK-300 Rotator pick
JAK-200 with support
JAK-250 with collector
JAK-250 Bolt Plate
JAK-300 collector
JAK-300 collector
JAK-200Z with Z-Plate
Tilt 1
34 Tilt
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Excavators / Telehandlers / Skid Steers Attachments

JAK Grapple Tree Shears

Grapple Shears are designed for a fast and simple means of wood harvesting. Extremely rugged construction built from Hardox.

SplitMax Series

The SplitMax series are designed for excavators from 8-40 ton. Splits the largest logs and stumps with ease.


SawMaster grapple and bar saw designed for telehandlers, excavators, and a variety of other construction equipment. Cuts up to 40 inches in diameter.

Tilt Rotator Series

The RagnarTech TiltRotator Series are built with machine-specific quick couplings top and bottom, to be extremely cost-effective, compact, and strong.

Digging & Grading Buckets

Grading & Digging buckets


Log Buddy Series

Log Buddy Series are designed to attach to Hultdins SuperGrip grapple with a rotator for single and multiple log handling applications.