RagnarTech Equipment & Attachments for Tree Care

RagnarTech Equipment & Attachments for Tree Care

Anders Ragnarsson got his start in the tree care industry as “the guy in the tree,” specializing in difficult tree removal. “Ever since we started back in the eighties developing products for the tree care industry there has been a need to make this industry more efficient, safer, and less dependent on labor. This opportunity is still present, hence our continued effort,” he says. Recognizing this need led Anders to found RagnarTech, which today leads the pack in developing high-quality equipment and attachments for tree care professionals.  

A Passion for Innovation and a Commitment to Excellence 

In-depth knowledge of the tree care industry, a passion for excellence, and a focus on worker safety have all fueled RagnarTech’s innovative designs. All our equipment is designed with safety in mind–while also prioritizing quality and convenience. We designed our towable chipper with a hydraulic pivoting tow bar, so the chipper can remain in the driveway while the chip truck is on the road, and the person feeding the chipper can stay out of the street. A similar focus on safety is our self-powered, crane-suspended saw grapple, which eliminates the need for the guy in the tree. The grapple’s secure hold also minimizes the risk of injury from falling branches.

Versatility is another hallmark of RagnarTech’s line of tree care equipment, as seen in the JAK tree shear that can also be used as a grapple saw, or just as a grapple, and our 1828 track chipper, whose options include a custom trailer from which the chipper can be operated while on the trailer or walked off and used as a track machine.

Unique Features to Enhance Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity   

RagnarTech’s unique products include the Powergrab 1800 grapple saw for cable cranes, the only one of its kind on the market. It features wired remote control integrated into the crane joysticks, allowing the operator to grab, cut, and hold tree sections without leaving the cab. In addition to reducing the need for a climber, the Powergrab’s fast cycle time allows the operator to remove smaller sections and place them in tight areas, saving significant overall time. And the grapple can be quickly disconnected from the zero twist assembly, making it simple to transport in the back of a pickup truck or trailer.  

RagnarTech continues to develop cost-effective equipment to enhance safety and efficiency for the tree care industry. In addition to our high quality, labor-saving machines, we’re proud of our reputation for customer service that exceeds expectations. When asked what sets RagnarTech apart from the competition, Anders sums it up succinctly: “We offer custom solutions to help clients who know what they want but can’t find it.” 

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