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RagnarTech Powergrab 1800

The new PowerGrab 1800 by Ragnartech is our solution to the crane size requirements of our previous models. Weighing approximately 1950lbs and around 1700lbs once you deduct the weight of the standard crane ball, this model maintains vertical load holding capabilities while catering to lighter cranes.

This robust machine is designed to significantly decrease or even fully eliminate the need for a climber. From the comfort of the crane cab, equipped with Ragnartech’s wired remote control integrated into the crane joysticks, the operator can efficiently grab, cut, and securely hold selected tree sections swiftly and safely.

Powergrab 1800

powergrab 1800 features

The fast cycle time of the PowerGrab 1800 allows the operator the option to take smaller sections, making it easier to place them on tight lay-down areas, while still saving substantial time overall. This model features a 24-inch bar saw that’s hydraulically activated in both directions, allowing for efficient bi-directional cutting.

The Powergrab can also be used to just grab the tree while it is cut at the ground by a saw operator, again eliminating the climber. The operation is powered by a 35hp electric motor driving the hydraulic pump, supplied by 5.6KW of rechargeable batteries.

For ease of transport, the grapple is quickly disconnected from the zero twist assembly, making it simple to place the PowerGrab 1800 in the back of a pickup truck or on a trailer, and effortlessly prepare it for crane transport.

Furthermore, the detached zero twist possesses an optional hook attachment, which can expedite and simplify any heavy lift duties. With the PowerGrab 1800, rest assured that you have a comprehensive solution for your tree care needs, bolstered by ample power, convenience and flexibility.

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Optional Equipment


RagnarTech Tilt Rotator Series

The RagnarTech TiltRotator Series are built with machine-specific quick couplings top and bottom, to be extremely cost-effective, compact, and strong. Two double-acting cylinders provide high force at 50-degree in each direction. Bolt-in high torque rotation device that provides full continuous 360-degree rotation. Extremely easy to install, with only up to two hydraulic circuits and no electric controls required. The elimination of electronics makes them suitable for wet and submerged work. Uniquely designed to allow the thumb to stay attached to the original quick coupling, so the machine is quickly and easily converted back to it’s original bucket and thumb configuration when required.

Ragnartech’s Tiltrotators are designed to work in conjunction with an optional iDig grade control system.