Partnership Spotlight: JAK – Quality Tree Care & Forestry Equipment

Partnership Spotlight: JAK – Quality Tree Care & Forestry Equipment

Forestry has been a huge part of Finland’s economy dating back to the 1600s, so it’s no surprise that Finnish company JAK-MATTOLI OY produces the best Tree Shears on the market today.  

 Pioneers in the industry, JAK developed their tree care and forestry equipment through long-term collaboration with professionals in the field, and every product is tested extensively under real-life conditions.  

 Designed to endure the most rigorous conditions of tree harvesting, withstand hard use, JAK Tree Shears make cutting and loading trees effortless, and significantly increase a machine’s versatility. 


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As the only North American importer of their products, JAK has this to say about RagnarTech on their website:  

 The company has a long history of working in the forest industry and work machines, which is why we can assure you that RagnarTech Inc. knows what it is doing…They know how to help you and will definitely give you a competitive offer to acquire a new JAK Tree Shear. 

 Our team has seen firsthand how JAK equipment is a game-changer in the industry. Recent customer Brendan Taylor, from Taylor Tree Service in Lee New Hampshire, said: 

 “I purchased a JAK 250 Tree Shear from RagnarTech and inside of a week it became the heart of my business. It’s eliminated the vast majority of my bucket truck work. I am much, much faster than I was before.” 


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JAK’s Grapple Tree Shears are built from rugged Hardox steel and have bolt-on blades that can be easily removed so they can also be used as dedicated grapples. And the special rounded shape of the blade provides superior cutting power and low resistance.  

Optional attachments include a 360-Degree Rotator, designed to securely hold and control vertical loads, and a Collector that doubles productivity, allowing the operator to hold smaller trees while the grapple opens to make another cut. JAK offers 24” Hydraulic Saws for their 250, 300, and 400 model shears, and all options are bolt-on and can be added at any time. 

As a trusted partner, RagnarTech shares JAK’s dedication to providing the highest quality, cost-effective equipment, along with superior customer service. We value long-term relationships with customers and our team is always ready to pick up the phone and answer questions or provide support. As Brendan Taylor said of his experience with RagnarTech: 

“They’re so personable. That’s what makes them special. You call them and the same person that answers the phone is the guy who’s going to show up with your equipment and help you out.” 

RagnarTech’s commitment to experience-driven innovation extends to every piece of equipment we sell. JAK’s Grapple Shears and optional accessories are the perfect addition to our own line of tree care attachments, all of which are designed to increase safety, efficiency, and reliability.  

Learn More About JAK Grapple Tree Shears on our website, email, or give us a call at 603-244-7575. 


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