Introducing Greg White, RagnarTech’s New Director of Attachment Sales

Introducing Greg White, RagnarTech’s New Director of Attachment Sales

Introducing Greg White, RagnarTech’s New Director of Attachment Sales 

Our motto Experience Driven Innovation represents RagnarTech’s commitment to excellence in equipment and equipment attachments, and equally, employee dedication. Every member of our tight-knit team offers invaluable expertise and passion for the work we do.  

Now, we’re excited to introduce the newest member of the RagnarTech family, Greg White 

Greg brings 13 years of related industry experience to his role as Director of Attachment Sales, having worked in sales and management positions at John Deere, Bobcat, JCB, and Rototilt. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of compact equipment – in addition to the teamwork, leadership, and discipline skills he honed over 8 years serving in the US Army make him a natural fit for RagnarTech.  

I was drawn to RagnarTech because of the undisputed quality of our products and our reputation for unparalleled customer service. RagnarTech’s attachments are incredibly versatile. A landscaper who buys our TiltRotator can pair it with machines and buckets from a variety of manufacturers, without having to spend added money on other RagnarTech components. The do-it-yourself installation no need to fly a rep cross country to a dealership and time-saving practicality of our attachments’ leave-on thumb are among many features I’m so excited to share with customers. Greg knows the industry inside and out, explaining that the TiltRotator’s unique leave-on thumb provides game-changing efficiency and flexibility for landscapers who may be digging a ditch one day, building a rock wall the next, and replacing a lawn the day after that. “These guys are going from job to job and that thumb is so important to their business model.” 

Another key selling point Greg highlights is the cost-effectiveness of RagnarTech’s products relative to the competition, making our attachments accessible to smaller landscaping businesses, not just the big guys. We want them to go buy what works for them and they can use it on the end of our TiltRotator. We’re not cornering them into a market where we say you have to buy our bucket, our ripper, our grapple. You go buy the grapple you feel confident in and use it with our TiltRotator and it’ll run great.”  

As Greg points out, “Other company products involve extreme machine modifications–new joysticks, new hydraulics, new wiringwhich makes resale difficult because the pool of potential buyers is so limited. He describes RagnarTech‘s TiltRotator as a “plug and play” that easily connects to an excavator’s existing hydraulics, unlike many attachments that require expensive, time-consuming installations. Another big advantage over the competition is RagnarTech’s level of service. Greg enjoys making personal connections with customers and is always ready to pick up the phone to answer questions and talk about the products he sells 

Greg’s exuberance for innovation and track record of strong customer relationships aligns perfectly with RagnarTech’s mission to provide state-of-the-art equipment with a customer-centered focus. We welcomed him onboard just a few weeks ago, and Greg has already hit the ground running in his new job. We’re grateful to have him on our team and look forward to Greg’s continued success at RagnarTech! 

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