RagnarTech: Revolutionizing Wood Grinding Once Again

RagnarTech: Revolutionizing Wood Grinding Once Again

In the dynamic world of industrial machinery, few names resonate with the authority and respect commanded by Anders Ragnarsson. With a legacy rooted in innovation and excellence, Anders, the former owner of Continental Biomass Industries (CBI), transformed the landscape of wood grinding technology. Under his leadership, CBI became synonymous with producing the world’s finest horizontal wood grinders and comprehensive waste processing systems.
Having sold CBI to Terex in 2016, Anders Ragnarsson embarked on a new venture in 2020—RagnarTech. Initially focused on manufacturing products for the tree care industry, RagnarTech quickly earned a reputation for quality and reliability. However, the market had other plans. Loyal customers from the CBI days consistently expressed their desire for Anders and his team to return to their roots and revive the exceptional wood grinding machinery they were known for.

The Return to Wood Grinding Excellence
Recognizing the demand and driven by a passion for innovation, RagnarTech decided in 2024 to re-enter the wood grinding market. This strategic pivot is more than just a return to form; it’s a commitment to setting new standards in the industry. By reassembling the original team from CBI, RagnarTech ensures that the wealth of experience, technical expertise, and dedication to quality that defined CBI’s success is brought forward into this new chapter.

Introducing the 9700 and 9400 Grinders
This fall, RagnarTech proudly announces the launch of two groundbreaking machines: the 9700 and the 9400. These models represent the pinnacle of design, efficiency, and versatility in wood grinding technology. Both machines will be available in track-mounted, portable, and stationary configurations, offering flexibility to meet diverse operational needs.

The 9700 Upswing High-Speed Grinder
The 9700 is a testament to high-speed efficiency and robust performance. Designed for demanding applications, this upswing grinder excels in processing large volumes of wood waste quickly and effectively. Its engineering ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity, making it a cornerstone machine for any large-scale wood processing operation. Whether you need a track-mounted, portable, or stationary solution, the 9700 delivers unparalleled performance.

The 9400 Down Swing Slow-Speed Grinder
The 9400 is designed for versatility, adaptability, and precision. This slower speed grinder, adjustable from 450 – 1000 RPM, has interchangeable rotor options that can be tailored to various applications. Whether you need a chipper rotor to produce 4-8mm microchips, or chips up to 40-50mm for fuel chips, a heavy-duty grinding rotor for the toughest materials the 9400 offers tremendous flexibility.

Expanding Our Horizons: Stationary Electric Systems
In addition to reintroducing horizontal grinders, RagnarTech is also returning to its roots in manufacturing stationary electric systems. This includes horizontal grinders, vertical grinders, slow-speed shredders, and air classifiers. These systems are designed to provide sustainable and efficient waste processing solutions for a variety of applications.

Stationary Electric Horizontal and Vertical Grinders
Our stationary electric horizontal and vertical grinders are engineered to offer robust performance with minimal environmental impact. These grinders are ideal for facilities requiring continuous, reliable operation to handle large volumes of material efficiently.

Slow-Speed Shredders
Our slow-speed shredders are perfect for processing materials that require a precise and controlled approach. These machines are designed to reduce bulky waste into a consistent, manageable size for flowing through picking stations where recyclables are sorted from conveyors. The nature of the slow-speed shredder means less wear, resulting in lower maintenance costs and extended machine life.

Air Classifiers
RagnarTech’s air classifiers are designed to separate materials based on size, shape, and density, ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards of quality. These systems are integral to efficient waste processing and material recovery.

A Vision for the Future
RagnarTech’s return to manufacturing horizontal grinders and expansion into stationary electric systems is more than a response to market demand; it is a bold step towards redefining industry standards. By leveraging the expertise of the original CBI team and incorporating cutting-edge technology, RagnarTech is poised to deliver the best grinders and processing systems on the market. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering as we build machines that not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

This fall, as the 9700 and 9400 machines become available, along with our new stationary electric systems, we invite you to witness the next evolution in wood grinding technology. RagnarTech is not just back in the game; we are leading it.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to experience the unmatched power and precision of RagnarTech’s grinders and processing systems. Welcome to a new era of wood processing excellence.

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