RagnarTech Announces New Dealer Partnerships

RagnarTech Announces New Dealer Partnerships

The team previously responsible for building the world’s best wood grinders and comprehensive waste processing systems is back by popular demand. As RagnarTech re-enters the world of Material Processing, we are excited to announce two new partnerships:


OP System, a leading supplier of material handling and recycling equipment, has been granted the exclusive rights to sell RagnarTech products in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. We are proud to partner with OP System, who have long been at the forefront of the industry, and look forward to expanding RagnarTech’s market in the Nordic region. Learn more here: 


RagnarTech has also granted the rights to market and sell our soon-to-be-released Wood Grinders, Chippers and Shredders to UFKES, who will be the exclusive dealer for our products in Europe with the exception of Scandinavia. Ufkes is a world class manufacturer of Tree Care Chippers and other related equipment whereas RagnarTech is the exclusive US Dealer for Ufkes products.  In addition to our respective product lines Ufkes serves as a supply partner to Ragnartech.  A passion for excellence and a reputation for quality makes UFKES an ideal partner for RagnarTech. Learn more about Ufkes here.


RagnarTech Expands Materials Processing Reach


This fall, we’ll be launching our new machines, the 9700 Upswing Grinder and the 9400 Down Swing Grinder /Chipper. These innovative grinders represent a return to our roots as well as a commitment to setting new standards in the Material Processing industry.


Both grinders will be available in track-mounted, portable, and stationary configurations, offering the flexibility to meet any operational needs. The robust 9700 is built for processing large volumes of wood waste with high-speed efficiency and reliable performance in demanding conditions. Its superior engineering provides increased productivity and minimal downtime, making it suitable for any large-scale wood processing operation.


The 9400 is designed for versatility, adaptability, and precision. This slower speed grinder,, adjustable from 450 – 1000 RPM, has interchangeable rotor options that can be tailored to various applications. Whether you need a chipper rotor to produce 4-8mm micro chips, or a chips up to 40-50mm for fuel chips, a forged drum rotor for green waste, or a solid steel rotor for contaminated waste, the 9400 offers tremendous flexibility.


As the team who built Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) and designed the Tigercat line of grinders work together once again, our passion for producing the highest quality equipment has only gotten stronger. We’re excited to use all the knowledge gained over the last 35 years to produce a complete new line of Material Processing machines. With a legacy rooted in innovation and a reputation for exceeding expectations, RagnarTech is proud to partner with OP System and UFKES as we lead the next era in wood grinding technology.


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