TiltRotators Help Solve the Problem of Labor Scarcity in Landscaping

TiltRotators Help Solve the Problem of Labor Scarcity in Landscaping

As anyone working in the landscaping industry can attest, finding good help is among the biggest challenges. Landscape construction, and hardscaping in particular, has been hard hit by the shortage, resulting in project delays and increased job costs.

RagnarTech’s VP of Attachment Sales Greg White attended the Northeast Hardscape Expo in Connecticut last month and heard over and over again that labor scarcity has made it a struggle for businesses to attract skilled employees.

“Everyone here is having trouble finding good help,” Greg said, “and they understand what a TiltRotator can do to help build rock walls.” With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces and angle the bucket in any position, stones can be placed precisely, so the job goes much faster and requires fewer people.

According to the 2024 State of the Landscape Labor Market Report, 84% of landscape business owners report difficulty finding and retaining qualified labor. As the industry continues to experience record growth (at an average rate of 5% a year), overall low unemployment, a labor pool reaching retirement age, and a strong housing market have all exacerbated the shortage.

Many landscapers already operate with narrow margins due to the seasonality and unpredictability of the job and can’t afford to increase wages to attract more workers. To succeed in the current climate, companies will need to leverage all the available tools, investing in equipment that is versatile, cost-effective, and easy to use.


RagnarTech is excited to offer an innovative solution to the labor problem with our TiltRotator Series. Built with machine-specific couplings top and bottom, our TiltRotators are simple for the end user to install, with just two hydraulic circuits and no electronic controls required, which also makes them suitable for wet and submerged work. Compact and strong, TiltRotator attachments feature a bolt-in torque rotation device to provide full continuous 360-degree rotation, and two double-acting cylinders for high force at 50 degrees in each direction.

Our TiltRotators are compatible with Bobcat, Kubota, and other popular excavator manufacturers and each features a unique, efficient design that allows the thumb to stay attached to the original quick coupling, so the machine is quickly and easily converted back to its original bucket and thumb configuration when needed. Acting as a “wrist” between stick and bucket, the TiltRotator provides greater precision than traditional excavator attachments and removes the need for an extra worker standing by with a shovel to move misplaced material.

The landscaping industry faces a growing crisis. To stay competitive businesses will have to explore new ways to effectively work around the labor shortage. RagnarTech is proud to offer one such solution in our TiltRotator series and accessories–the most efficient, cost-effective, and functional excavator attachments on the market today.

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